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What are the issues related to English Communication in Kerala?

What are the issues related to English Communication in Kerala?

There are certain problems being faced by the Indian students especially Malayali students especially when it comes to the use of English language. It's not because of the fact that they don't speak or know English as a language, but it's the problem in relation to the practical aspect of English as a language. 

A) Fluency in English: The important issue, I noticed, given my career as a trainer, is that most of the students find themselves not fluent especially when they have to communicate in English language. Being fluent in English doesn't have anything to do with whether you belong to English medium or Malayalam or any other regional language medium education system in India. It's all about how long or how often you practice English as a language. In Kerala, English is still taught as a subject rather than a language that must be used on a day-to-day basis. Even though grammatical issues are negligible when it comes to the use of a language, I have seen many Kerala students have problems in terms of understanding the proper usage of active and passive voice in English, plus tense related issues. The tense related issues are majorly found when the students talk, in general, about a past event where the narration must be done in the past context. 

B) Lack of Confidence: Another important issue is the lack of confidence to speak English in public and that's what makes many students shy especially when they face an opportunity to speak English. It's again the issue of the lack of practice. Most of the students appear to be fearful of being ridiculed or criticized for the poor quality of their English. This happens because we have customized a society where people are mocked in general, no matter whatever they do. And people, in general, maintain some hollow standard for themselves, which they never want to be shattered, no matter what happens. It's a psychological issue, which can completely solved via proper coaching and daily practice. 

C) No proper Encouragement: Always remember that motivation and encouragement can always work wonders. An average Malayali student doesn't get any sort of encouragement or motivation from either parents or teachers or peers. This is where you have to find out an easy solution. Join our IELTS or English communication program for 45 days at the cheapest possible price and understand the difference. The interactive sessions can definitely make you fluent even before one week runs out. The important thing here is that you are given guidance in terms of how to maintain your fluency even after the course is done.  A video from YouTube is given below in relation to the Speaking Task in IELTS exam. 

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