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How can you overcome reading difficulties in IELTS?

When it comes to the reading task in IELTS, I have seen how many of the students really struggle. The basic reason why it happens is that the students of new generation commonly lack their reading habits. The thing is that we have multiple means of improving reading skills nowadays, despite which the students don't find out time to read something. 

A) Make reading your habit: Reading not only improves your language, but makes you more aware about a particular subject also. It's very simple to practice. In the past it was pretty difficult to know more about something, you want to know. But with the introduction of google as a search engine, everything has been thoroughly changed. Almost all the pieces of information, you are looking for lie unread in your pocket. What you have to do is open it and read. If you love offline reading, never hesitate to do it. However busy you are, I am damn sure that you can find out at least 15 minutes to set aside in order to read something, you love. 

What makes IELTS reading task a bit difficult: When it comes to IELTS, the Academic and General reading tasks are different. And the Academic task follows formal, scientific or technical style of reading that necessitates wide range of vocabulary. The reading task must be finished in one hour within which you have to address 40 questions of different types. You can't answer the questions fully without having the full understanding of the text and English language structure. You are doing the test under timed conditions and pressure, which is what makes it a bit difficult for you guys. 

Coaching is the keyCoaching is the key. Always remember that practice won't make you successful, but effective practice with proper methodology makes you successful. Different types question patterns must be done properly. We have separate coaching mechanism for different types of IELTS reading questions especially Academic reading task. The commonly asked question types are: 
  1. Matching headings
  2. Locating information
  3. True false not given
  4. Multiple choice questions
  5. Summary completion
  6. Diagram labelling
  7. Matching sentence endings
  8. Matching features
  9. Sentence completion
  10. Short answer questions
  11. Flow chart Completion
  12. Note completion
  13. Yes no not given and 
  14. Table completion        
Contact me directly and get enrolled for your special IELTS Academic/ General Reading Task Course. You can also WhatsApp me. We have comprehensive practical sessions for reading tasks with tips and tricks. Our IELTS package covers all tasks for all modules in a very detailed way with the proper guidance from the tutor.